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On the left is our Diocesan Council president: Warren Wright. On the right is Fr. Charlie Klinger our Spiritual Advisor.

What is the Diocesan SVdP Council?

We are the St. Vincent de Paul organization supporting and coordinating the work of all the Conferences of St. Vincent de Paul in the Columbus, Ohio Diocese. Council membership comes from members of the conferences. The sixty two currently active conferences are organized into nine District Councils

We are located in the Diocesan office building at 197 E. Gay St. Columbus, Ohio, 43215. Contact us:
By phone: 614-221-3554
By email contact:
Diocese SVDP Office
Diocesan Council President

We help Conferences address the needs of the poor. We provide:

  • Training for members,
  • Support and counsel for conferences, which includes:
    • Our Social Advocacy activity: Voice of the Poor
    • Our quarterly newsletter: The Voice
    • This Web Site
  • Organize gatherings for spiritual growth and friendship.

These gatherings are

In addition, our Council has four direct ministries.

  • St. Lawrence Haven, serving the hungry with a sack lunch five days a week.
  • Funeral Fund, offering a supportive donation for those who die with no means for burial.
  • The Saturday Food Program delivering food to homebound and other needy families.
  • Clothing Distribution Center providing free clothing for the most needy of people

The Bishop Griffin Center , a food pantry and social service center on Columbus' far East side is a Vincentian organization operating independently of the Diocesan Council.

The Council differs from the conferences because we have no Fifth Sunday collections . We rely on the conferences, and occasional grants for funding. Volunteers from the conferences provide staffing for our ministries.

Diocesan Vincentians serve on the Council Board. Current board membership is

Diocesan Council: President: Warren Wright
Diocesan Council Vice President: Bob Zabloudil
Treasurer: Janet Jobko
Secretary: Kym Haskins
Past President: Bill Sparks
At Large: Jody Stahr
At large: Darrell Bragg
Spiritual Advisor: Fr. Charles Klinger
District Council Presidents:
East: Open
East Rural: Richard Shannon
N-Central: Maureen Preston
N-NW: Charles Kielkopf
N-NE: Rich Rossi
E-SE: Barb Spangler
South Rural: David Lanning
Inner-City: Gina Langen
S-SW: Joffre Moine
Committee Chairs:
Ozanan Orientation: Rose Ann Stevenson, Maureen Meck
Voice of the Poor: Warren Wright
VOICE & Website: Charles Kielkopf
2014 Walk for the Poor: John Willig
Publicity: Dianne Keller-Smith
Administrative Staff
Pat Summers: Executive Secretary
Heather Swiger:Manager
St.Lawrence Haven
Clothing Distribution Center

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