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Welcome to the Web Page of the St. Vincent dePaul Conference of Immaculate Conception parish, Columbus,

We thank IC parishioners, and all, whose financial generosity and material donations, enable us to fulfil our Vincentian vocation to grow spiritually by seeking out and helping the poor and needy.

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For visitors wishing to know more about the Immaculate Conception SVDP conference, see Who we are.

For visitors seeking assistance, see: Guidelines for emergency calls, and then,How to contact us for help

For IC parishioners interested in becoming a Vincentian, call Charles Kielkopf at 268-0175, email him or talk with one of our regular Vincentians: Mary Ann Rahal,Charles Kielkopf, Michelle Goodrich, Pat Ragan, Dick Spires,Jean Carter,Karen Cannell, Jim Emley, Jim Bowling, Bruce Brown, Bob Taylor, Marge Taylor, Cheryl Costello, Cathy Lynch. Or simply drop in at one of our Monday morning meetings.

For those interested in our non-Vincentian links, see Our Concerns

How to contact us for help.

Immaculate Conception, Columbus
414 E. North Broadway Map it
President: Charles F. Kielkopf
Columbus, 43214, (C) 614-268-0177

Who we are and what we do:

We meet about 9:10AM, after 8:30AM Mass, in room A of the Immaculate Conception rectory on the first and third Mondays of each month, for no longer than 45 minutes. About eight attend the morning meetings. We have three evening meetings after our St. Lawrence Haven sandwich sessions on the fourth Monday of each month: One in Autumn, one in Winter one in May or June. Each Spring we hold a Vincentian commissioning and re-commitment ceremony in Immaculate Conception Church.

We have a large number of associate members on an email list whom we address as "Those interested in Vincentian Works." Frequently, we issue an email call for volunteers and donations of goods. Many of these calls come from a local Settlement House Clintonville Community Resources Center.


If you would like to be included on our email list of "Those interested in Vincentian Activities," please email IC SVDP Vice-president or call Charles Kielkopf at 268-0175. You do not need to be a parishioner to be on this list.

We make about five food pantry deliveries each week in response to calls from Columbus Catholic Charities J.O.I.N.. When calls for assistance come to the rectory we make home visits to determine needs and how we can help. We provide volunteers and food for the YWCA Homeless Center and the Downtown Homeless Shelter. Members also

  • Visit nursing homes
  • Volunteer at St. Lawrence Haven
  • Volunteer at Clothing Distribution Center
  • Volunteer in prison ministry
  • Provide transportation for parishioners
  • Tutor adults through Dominican Learning Center
  • Serve as funeral ushers.

Of course, we cannot list all we do. As all Vincentians we are regularly seeking out ways to serve the poor and needy as well as trying to respond to needs and problems we never dreamt of.

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Guidelines for responding to emergency calls

The guidelines are the same for calls coming directly to the president or through the IC rectory.

  • If a call comes from J.O.I.N. or another Vincentian conference, we respect their judgment on the legitimacy of the need and, within the limits of our resources, give what they request.
  • For parishioners only we try to arrange for transportation to church services, doctor visits, etc.,.
  • To all who call we deliver two or three days emergency food . We then put clients in contact with agencies, such as J.O.I.N. at 241-2530, CRC at 268-3539 or other food pantries so that they can avoid emergency situations in which "there is no food in the house."
  • For parishioners only do we consider rent assistance.
  • We do not provide rent or utility bill assistance in less than 48 hours because we need to make a "home visit" to ascertain the need.
  • We try to find temporary shelter and transportation to it for those "with no place to stay for the night."
  • For other emergencies,such as need for co-payment on a prescription, the president, or a representative of the president, uses personal judgment if the amount is less than $200.00 and can meet the client and make the payment with the client for the client. Cash is never provided.

Contact the IC SVDP president.

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Our Concerns:

In the spirit of National SVDP's social action dimension National Voice of the Poor ,some members work with and participate in local social and political action groups. Among such groups are the Interdenominational B.R.E.A.D , Catholic Campaign for Human Development, and SOC

Members of our conference are also involved with provision of meals at The YWCA Family Center.

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