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Four Annual Events of Columbus Diocese SVDP

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This is the page for announcing, reporting about, as well as registering for the four annual council events.

The four events are
  • Top Hat Award Dinner, April 27, 2019.
  • Day of Recollection, August 18, 2019(tentative)
  • Friends of the Poor Walk , September 28, 2019
  • Bishop's Appreciation Mass, December 2, 2019 (tentative)

The Top Hat award is given annually to a Vincentian in our Diocese who has provided outstanding service in our ministry to grow spiritually by seeking out and serving the poor and needy. The "Top Hat" title is used to emphasize that our founder, Frederic Ozanam, did not allow his social class, in which men wore top hats, to blind him to the needs of the poor in early nineteenth century France.

Report on 2019 Top Hat Award Ceremony and dinner

Saturday, April 27, marked the celebration of our annual Top Hat Mass and dinner. The event was held at St. Francis DeSales high school. Fr. Charlie Klinger celebrated the Mass in the school chapel. The dinner in the school cafeteria was catered by LA catering. LA Catering is a division of LifeCare Alliance. All profits from L.A. Catering are invested back into our community through LifeCare Alliance programs and services to support older adults, medically challenged and disabled individuals in Central Ohio.

Jody Stahr was the 2019 individual top Hat Awardee. Jody was nominated for her outstanding work in organizing and conducting seminars of small groups of people seeking to move out of systemic poverty by using concepts and themes from Getting Ahead in a Getting By World.

The microloan volunteers received the group Top Hat award.

After dinner people Mike and Carol Dove from The Bishop Griffin Center told stories of their work as microloan mentors. Then two members of the Perry County Think Tank on Poverty told their stories of struggling to rise out of poverty.

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Report on 2018 Bishop’s Appreciation Mass for Vincentian Volunteers not available.

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Report on 2018 Vincentian Day of Recollection

Our annual Day of Recollection was Sunday, August 19, 2018 from 9 am to 3:30 pm at the Martin de Porres Center on the campus of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. From 9-9:30 coffee, juice, fruit and rolls were available along with opportunities for Vincentian friendship amongst the forty or so Vincentians attending. The morning session began at 9:30AM. A club sandwich buffet from 11:30-12:30 separated the morning from afternoon sessions.

Andrea Pannell, the Columbus Diocesan Episcopal Moderator of Development and Planning was the facilitator.

The general format for both sessions was prayer for all the participants before discussion of reflection questions at separate tables. After a period of discussion people from the separate tables had the opportunity to tell the whole group about answers and issues brought out at their tables.

The theme for the day of recollection was “Participating in a Greater Love.” Many ideas were put forth by Ms. Pannell to develop this theme. One very intriguing idea is expressed as: “hurt people hurt others.” If we participate in a greater love by allowing God’s love to heal our “hurts” we serve others with a greater love than that of our own feelings.

An interesting exercise closed the program. Each table was asked to draw a poster representing a significant concept from the days’ discussion. Then each table went to the stage to explain their poster. Participants found this enjoyable and informative.

Mass at 2:30PM in Motherhouse chapel concluded the Day of Recollection. Fr. Charlie Klinger, Diocesan Council spiritual advisor was the celebrant. As usual Fr. Klinger’s homily was insightful. Fr. Klinger’s homily developed a theme in the “Bread of Life” gospel passage (Jn 6:51-58) for 2018’s Twentieth Sunday of Ordinary time. The homily theme fit in well with the day’s theme of participating in a greater love.

The homily theme was to expand the love of eucharistic ministers to the sick. His paradigm of a loving eucharistic minister was the late Fr. Larry (Judge) Reichert who in his last illness said that his greatest regret was being unable to bring the bread of life to sick Catholics who hungered for it. Certainly in bringing the eucharist to others we participate in a palpable way in bringing God’s love to others. We can expand this paradigm of bringing God’s eucharistic love to others by thinking of all our services as primarily bringing God’s love to others. We should be eagar to go out to bring this greater love than ours to those we serve.

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Circleville Walk

The St. Joseph Circleville Friends of the Poor walk was held at Mary Virginia Crites Hannan park (MVCH). At least $2609.50 has been taken in. It will help us help the poor in Pickaway County. Mary Kay Wood and her committee for the Walk did a great job. The weather was great. Praise and thanks to St. Vincent de Paul!

by Pat Meves

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