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This page reports the variety of ways Vincentians "feed the hungry" through food pantries. Vincentian pantries are managed, directed and funded primarily by Vincentians. In some areas, Vincent de Paul conferences provide staffing, material and financial support to pantries managed, directed and funded by other other organizations. These are supported pantries. Amongst Vincentian pantries some are service pantries from which food is distributed to eligible clients visiting the pantry. Other Vincentian pantries are storage pantries where non-perishable items are stored for delivery to eligible clients and distribution to service pantries.

St. Vincent de Paul pantry for the Newark Area

Director:Chuck Dilbone (Manager) 740-877-8738
Location: 115-135 Wilson,Newark, Ohio 43055, In the new Herb an Pat Murphy St.Vincent de Paul Center for Newark,Ohio ,
Map it
Hours of operation : The pantry is open on Tuesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:30 PM and on Saturdays from 9AM – 11AM.
Method of operation: The pantry is a member of the Licking County food Pantry Network and follows guidelines of the Network. Food distribution is carefully monitored and regular reports are submitted to the Food Pantry Network. Each client must submit complete family information, including documentation of family size, income and proof of address. Only twelve visits per client are allowed to the food pantry per year in accordance with the guidelines of the Food Pantry Network. The quantity of food given is dependent on family size, with each household receiving a three-day supply of food.

The pantry is staffed by over 65 volunteers from six parishes in the Newark area. These parishes are:

  • Granville, St. Edward the Confessor,
  • Newark, St. Francis de Sales,
  • Newark Blessed Sacrament,
  • Heath St. Leonard,
  • Buckeye Lake, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel,
  • Johnstown, Church of the Ascension.

How supported

The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry receives food allocations each month from the Food Pantry Network of Licking County.

In addition to the monthly allocations of food from the Food Pantry Network, we receive food donations from each of the six parishes that support us. Food is also purchased, in bulk, using funds donated by members of the six parishes, funds earned by the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, and funds from outside grants.

To contact the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry, call 740-349-8425. Email:

Also visit their Web page Newark SVdP Pantry

Statistics: Data being updated for 2018 The St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry is the busiest pantry of the 21 pantries in Licking County that are served by the Food Pantry Network of Licking County.

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St. James the Less Catholic Church, Columbus, Ohio

New information pending as of October 2015


Location: "Catholic Worker House" 1614 Oakland Park, Columbus, Ohio 43224, Map it.
Hours of operation: Clients are served 5:45 to 7:45 PM Monday through Friday
Method of operation: Clients are given a prepared package of food.
Eligibility conditions The service is provided to those residing in the 43224 zip code and all parishioners.
All receiving this assistance must go through First Link or J.O.I.N (Joint Organizatin for Inner City Needs).
How supported Food is donated by many SJL parish members and surrounding parishes. Some food is purchased through the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
How to help Volunteers are always needed along with food and cash donations
How to contact:

Statistics (Data for 2014-2015 Vincentian year pending.):

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St. Ladislas, Corpus Christi Pantry

Location at St. Ladislas, 277 Reeb Ave, 43207, Map it.
Director: Vernon Myers
Hours of operation 1:30- 3:30 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Method of Operation Clients are presented with a prepared package of non-perishable food
Eligibility conditions Clients need a referral from First Link or J.O.I.N. .
How to contact
How supported
How to contribute and volunteer

Satistics (Data for 2014-2015 Vincentian year pending.)

St. Philip’s Food Pantry

Location St. Philip The Apostle Church 1573 Elaine Rd, Columbus, 43227, Map it.
Director Randy Clore
Hours of operation Wednesday 6 to 7PM,
Method of operation Every family receives 3 meals for 3 days plus many extra food like eggs, milk, and when available fresh fruit and vegetables.
We also operate a clothing room with many clothes for all family members.
Eligibility conditions We serve three Zip codes: 43227, 43213 and 43232. Clients may return every four weeks.
How supported To do all this we have many wonderful volunteers who give many hours of their time and effort to do this job. Our parishoners are very generous with contributions of money and food. Other parishes that do not have a pantry help us financially. Many other organizations also help us out.
How to help :Donations can be dropped off at our food pantry every Tuesday between 9:30am - Noon. If anyone is interested in volunteering they can come to the pantry Tuesdays at the same time or Wednedays at 5:30pm.
How to contact us Email: .

Statistics (Data for 2014-2015 Vincentian year pending.) From January through June we served 1,527 families which equalled 6,030 people. We are thankful to God and then to all the volunteers and donators that make this all possible.

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St. Michael's, Worthington, Ohio

Location: St. Michael Catholic Church, 5750 North High St, Worthington, Oh.
Map it
Director: Donna Krajnak
Hours of operation: Clients are served by appointment only on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning.
Method of Operation: Clients “shop” for 5-7 days worth of food for their families.

Eligibility conditions: The service is provided to those residing in zip codes 43085, 43235, 43214, and 43065. All receiving this assistance must go through First Link or JOIN (Joint Organization for Inner City Needs).

How supported: Much of the food is donated by St Michael parishioners. Some food is purchased through the Mid-Ohio Food Bank.
How to contact: If you have any questions or would like to contribute in any way, please contact Donna Krajnak at 614 885-2528 or email

Statistics: (Data for 2012-2013 Vincentian year pending.)

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St. John’s, Logan

Location 351 N. Market Street Logan, Ohio 43138. Map it
St. John's is the only Catholic Church and Vincentian Conference in Hocking County.
Director : Tina Lindsay
Eligibility: We run an emergency food pantry. We help families by appointment only.
Method of operation In addition to emergency service,we conduct a summer lunch program for the children of Hocking County who qualify for free or reduced lunches in the Logan Hocking School District. We reach out to these families and help supply food for lunches the children would have received in school. We distribute this food every Monday night of the summer from 6 to 7 p.m. on the church grounds .
We also provide a community dinner for families 3 times a year.
How funded St. Johns is funded from collections the Second Sunday of each month. Members provide Thanksgiving Baskets to families at the holidays.
How to help We need volunteers to help pass out food & a driver with a covered truck or van to help pick up food from the food bank. Any donations of peanut butter or jelly would be greatly appreciated.
How to contact Call Tina Lindsay at 380-1301,if you have any questions.
Statistics (Data for 2012-2013 Vincentian year pending.)

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Location 424 East Locust Street, OH 43130 . Map it.
Method of operation There is a program called “We care” for seniors age 55 and over. Call St. Vincent with request. A home visit will be conducted including completing an application. If you qualify, you can pick up a large tote with food each month or St. V will deliver. if needed.
Contact 740-653-6037

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St. Elizabeth, Columbus

St. Elizabeth pantry is a parish pantry that is assisted by the St. Elizabeth Conference.

The pantry is the third and fourth Wednesday of every month from 9 AM to 12 Noon. Only people in the 43229 and 43231 Zip codes are served. ID is required. The people who come in are limited to two bags of non perishable items once a month.

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Holy Spirit, Columbus

Our pantry is located in the parish office at 4383 E. Broad Street and is open on Thursdays from 10 am untill noon. ID is required and clients may return monthly. We assist individuals and families within the parish boundaries of zip code 43213. Clients receive one bag of nonperishable food. Support comes through our parishioners. We have a pantry at Holy Spirit Parish Offices in Whitehall. It is located at the corner of Yearling Rd.and Broad St.

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Vincentian Storage Pantries

Immaculate Conception, Columbus

Custodian Charles Kielkopf, IC Conference President
Location A store room in the basement of Immaculate Conception Rectory, 414 E. N. Broadway, 43214 Map it.
Method of operation The pantry is not accessible to the public. It is used only for storage of the non-perishable items delivered in food calls. In a typical food call we select about $20.00 of items from the pantry before buying about $25.00 of perishable items, such as: hamburger, chicken, eggs, milk, fruit and bread. We average five food calls per week. Most deliveries are to North Linden, 43211.
Elligibility conditions Food delieveries are made in response to requests from J.O.I.N. or to calls from parishioners. See IC Web page for more details
How supported Deliveries are made by conference members. Parishioners donate non-perishable items during a Thanksgiving Day drive, in donation boxes at the church doors, and through occasional drives by the school children. The $125.00 + weekly expenses for perishables are from the Fifth Sunday collection money.
How to contact Call Charles Kielkopf, 614-268-0175. We occasionally have excess items which we will donate to other pantries

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Non-Vincentian Pantries Supported by Vincentian Conferences

Our Lady of Guadalupe Pantry,

Management: Catholic Social Services CSS
Sponsoring Vincentian Conferences: St. Stephens, Columbus, Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Grove City
Location: 441 Industry Dr.Columbus, Ohio 43204, Map it

Visit their Web site: Our Lady of Guadalupe Center

Method of operation The Guadalupe Center operates a "choice" food panty. In a "choice" food pantry, rather than being handed a pre-selected box of food, clients are given points, based on family size, to spend by hand-selecting food items of their choice, much like they would in a grocery store. A "choice" food pantry offers a two-fold benefit. First, it allows the families to select the foods they need thereby eliminating waste of unwanted foods, foods that are not needed, and foods they do not know how to prepare. Second, using a point system teaches the clients how to assess needs, prioritize, and budget, all necessary skills for managing a household.

Eligibility conditions To create a sense of privacy and eliminate anyone waiting in a long line, clients are seen by appointment only. Appointments are scheduled through First Link by calling 2-1-1 or (614) 341-2282. Clients are required to present a bill as proof of residence, along with valid identification. Families are given a specific number of points based on the number of people living in their household. Each family is only allowed to visit the Guadalupe Center four times per year and more than one visit in the same month is discouraged.

How supported St. Stephen’s SVdP, Our Lady of Perpetual Help SVdP from Grove City and other organizations help with food and money to support the pantry. St. Stephen’s parish is made up mostly of Latino immigrants from Central and South America.

How You Can Help
You can help us serve even more families by making a monetary donation to purchase food or by donating food and materials to Our Lady of Guadalupe Center.
What to donate?

  • Dry Food (our greatest need) Rice (bags), Dry Beans (black or pinto), Cooking Oil, Flour, Sugar, Salt, Cookies/Crackers, Cereal, Spaghetti
  • Canned Items Tuna, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Broth, Mixed Vegetables, Corn, Fruit, Baby Food, Tomato Sauce, Spaghetti Sauce
  • Hygiene Detergent (dishwashing/laundry), Dish Soap, Bar Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Diapers, Diaper Wipes
How to contact

Would you like to volunteer or donate to the Our Lady of Guadalupe Center? Call Catholic Social Services at (614) 340-7061, or toll free 866-467-3945 or call the Center: 614-340-7061

Statistics Our Lady of Guadalupe pantry serves approximately 300 families per month, the vast majority are Hispanic.

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Columbus West Side, FISH pantries

These pantries are located on the Hilltop of the West Side of Columbus and service an area Clime Rd to the south, and north to Trabue Rd; from 3-C Hgwy (Harrisburg Pike) to the East, and West to Wilson Rd. Zip Codes 43204 -43222

The two food pantry’s are located at Crossroads United Methodist Church, 110 S. Hague @ Briggs Rd. and Hoge Memorial Presbyterian Church, 2930 W. Broad St.

Operational days and hours are as follows: Monday thru Friday, the last 10 working days of the month.

New clients seeking assistance are asked to make an appointment by calling 272-8242, between the hours of 10:30am and 1:00pm.. New Clients must bring proof of residence and ID on each member of household at their first meeting.

The pantry’s will schedule clients for food pick-up on a given day, beginning @ 12:00 pm., typically serving 10 to 16 clients per day. The intent is to supply enough food for a five day period once a month. Walk-in’s will be accepted on a one time basis even though they may be out of the area serviced

Columbia Heights United Methodist Church located on Galloway Rd. West of the outer-belt off Broad St. also has a food pantry. Contact JOIN for referral. St. Mary Magdalene StVdP Conference offer’s emergency assistance through referrals from JOIN; providing food delivery to those who are without food and means of transportation to the local food pantry’s.

Additional Services to Help Those in Need

West Side Free Store located at Westgate United Methodist Church as 61 S. Powell on the Hilltop provides clothing and home furnishings. Open Monday, Thursday, and Saturday (Contact 351-5480 for info.) They also provide a free meal to walk-ins on Saturday from 11:00 – 11:30 am.

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