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This is the page for information about our social action dimension. Current chairperson o the Voice of the Poor committee is Danielle Gray of Our Lady of Peace conference. Below is an introductory statement about this dimension of St. Vincent dePaul by former chairperson Warren Wright. Programs and activities for promoting social justice compatible with Catholic teaching will be announced. Another goal is to have many links to sources about Catholic Action. A very important link is to our Diocesan Office of Social Concerns,SOC.
Another important link is Columbus Voice of the Poor . There is information about a microloan program for the poor and an opportunity to donate to a fund for backing these loans to help the local poor avoid predatory lenders.

The Mideast Region of the National Society of St. Vincent dePaul has started a quarterly newsletter for the Voice of the Poor committees of the Diocesan Councils in the Mideast Region.
Read the May 2013 issue of Mideast Voices
Read the first issue October 2012 .
This issue gives current information on Voice of the Poor activities.
Read February 2013 issue of Mideast Voices
Read background on the Detroit Action Collaborative, D.A.C. who visited the June 29 Voice of the Poor meeting to describe their success as the poor speaking for the poor to effect systemic change.
Read the August 2103 issue of Mideast Voices
Read supplement to August 2013 Mideast Voices in which Jerry Freewalt, Columbus Diocese director of social concerns, marks the 50th anniversary of the papal encyclical Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) by Blessed John XXIII.
Read the November 2013 Mideast Voices
Read the November 2013 Mideast Voices Supplement in which Warren Wright analyzes the significance of Gaudium et Spes for the mission of SVdP's Voice of the Poor efforts.
Read the February 2014 Mideast Voices
Read the May 2014 Mideast Voices

Voice of the Poor is the advocacy/justice component of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. In addition to home visits, Vincentians are called to help bring about more just policies for those that we visit. This can be done through Voice of the Poor.

The National Voice of the Poor Committee has developed position papers on affordable housing, health care, homelessness, hunger, immigration, predatory lending, restorative justice, and rights of workers. Each paper draws on Catholic Social Teaching and makes action recommendations.

The papers can be accessed at Voice of the Poor Position Papers

An important element of Voice of the Poor is Capwiz. Any Vincentian can register for Capwiz on the VOP WebPage. Register now for email alerts. Capwiz provides a means of communicating with national legislators on Voice of the Poor issues. When action alerts are sent by e-mail to registrants, letters can then be sent to your representative and senators stating your position on the legislation. Visit capwiz to find out how to contact members of congress as well as finding out about issues being considered right now.

Locally, the Diocese of Columbus has many advocacy/justice related activities throughout the year. Messages from our Diocesan Social Concerns Office will appear on our Message page as well as on this page.

Accept the challenge to study the Pope's June 2009 encyclical on Justice, Peace and Human Development.

Please direct any questions regarding Voice of the Poor to Danielle Grey at 440-636-6550.

Please email observations and suggestions to SVDP Site Webmaster

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